I studied the thoughts of Picasso until I was so intrigued that I had understand him on a deeper level. I emulated his style in part of these paintings in order to apply his thoughts into my creative process, all in attempt to feel the painting the way he did. I saw what he felt threw working the paint my way with his rules. Then the painting did something. Examining your self by yourself is near impossible until we take an impersonal view, this painting gave way to that perspective. When you're left with your own interpretation of a subject that has been expressed threw the ambiguity that cubism offers, combine with realism of that same subject matter, your interoperation of those subjective cubistic angles become a mental reflection of your inner most understandings and out looks. This is a private matter for us all, and in the realm of art we are allowed to explore our thoughts and feelings in the privacy of our own minds. More thoughts and less judgments allow us to evolve into a more humane social community both in the here and now and also in our generations next. These paintings are visual equations for inner perspectives.