About The Artist



Erin Lincoln was born understanding herself as an artist. As a child she decided that she would absorb herself in her art, evolving her craft into an obsession, then into a personal quest to positively effect the nature of things. Creating personal style came after many years of practicing art and exploring human behavior. With an objective to raise awareness in areas of communal concern, she paints with undertones of person growth.   

The artist paints in black and white mostly with intense detail and precise lines. Utilizing her medium into a thin controlled even texture, she masters the medium of oil on canvas with a soothing grey scale that balances the stark emotions left in a harsh contrast. Utilizing negative space to speak into the calm vastness of creation, she organizes the boldness of the images against it in a paradoxical tense. There is a rhythm to everything and it is exclaimated in her work.

In 2017 an injury to her dominate hands' index finger left her devastated thinking her art was finished, thus so was she, for that was her entire purpose in life. Seven days later with a cast on her painting hand and after countless doctors told her she would never get her finger back to what it was, she picked up a brush to paint with her left hand. To her astonishment she was more capable with her left hand than her right with out ever practicing prior. Erin Lincoln is naturally ambidextrous and she had no idea until she had no other option. Since then she has painted with both hands on most pieces and remains keen to use her damaged right hand with much heaver emotions attached to the respect of time and our use of it.